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    Drew Delaney, J.D., CLCSPRO
    Commercial Lines Producer, Secure Investors Group, INC, Troy, Michigan
    This question cannot be answered by anyone execpt the insurance companies underwriters and their managers. 

    Auto insurance is rated on numerous factors:  what city the car is kept in, what safety features does the car have, what offenses are on your driving record, your age and etc.  This is just a few rating factors insurance companies consider. 

    Then, to make this more complicated, each factor has its own weight within a given insurance company.  For example, I live in Michigan and have a not at fault accident on my record.  A regional insurance carrier counts that against me to increase my premium cost and price me out of its market.  A national carrier, on the other hand, does not count the accident against me, which makes my premium much lower.

    In summary, it really depends upon your insurance carrier.  My best advice is to contact your agent and have him ask how this will effect the renewal rate (keep in mind your insurance carrier might issue a non-renewal because of your DWI).  If it will go up considerably you might want to consider shopping around.
    Answered on May 8, 2013
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