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    Edward HarrisPRO
    Owner, Best Health And Car Insurance Rates - Instant Online Quotes, US
    Your auto insurance premium depends on many factors that include your age, location, types of cars you drive and of course, your driving record. And credit could also become a factor.

    You could pay as little as $25 per month or 10x that amount.

    Finding the best rate is another challenge. As experienced brokers (with the help of our websites), we search, shop and compare all of the major insurers to help customers find the lowest price.

    The old slogan "WE Shop And You Save" is actually quite true!
    Answered on June 12, 2013
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    Brenda HansonPRO
    Vice President/Agent, Best Rates Insurance Inc, Kalispell Montana
    Depending on your state the rates can be as little as 20 a month or much more. The rate factor is based on the area you live in and yes your credit plays a part. However if you have good credit they give you a preferred rate but if your credit is not the best in our state then you get the standard rate. They do not put you in a high risk if your credit is not the best. Also in our state being married or your sex plays no affect on your premiums.

    There are many online carriers but a local agent can sometime be more helpful and making sure you are properly covered and discuss your needs when you shop online only you never get to talk to the same person and they may or may not be able to sell you the best coverage at the best rate. our agency specializes in 24/7 service is an  important factor also.  I personally answer the phone. NEVER have to call an 800 number and never have to worry about your information being sold to other companies so that you are getting slammed with emails and phone calls from other carriers trying to sell you insurance.  Al Local agent can also quote with 100's of companies also. Unless they  are a captive agent which means they can only sell one carrier. As always you can contact your State insurance commissioner and ask them about the carriers in your state including online companies and the complaints they have or have not received.  Like our mission statement says Where you can simply Trust to expect the best. We compare rates for you and if we do not have the best fit for you we will recommend other agencies and carriers. It is all  about service
    Answered on June 12, 2013
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    In California car insurance rates are approved by the state Insurance Commissioner.  They take into consideration, the driving record of all the members of the household, the type of vehicle to be insured, the use of the vehicle, the annual mileage of the vehicle and where the vehicle is located.  An inexperienced driver, with a lousy driving record, driving 20,000 miles a year in a new sportscar  who lives in a densely populated area can expect to pay a great deal.
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    ay a lot for auto insurance.
    Answered on February 18, 2014
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    You can expect to pay an affordable amount for your car insurance...if you shop the right way! An experienced broker can provide detailed rate quote information from top-rated companies, so you can view the best prices.

    Whether you have a great driving record or a few tickets, getting free quoting help will save you money.

    LIVE answer provided by: Ed Harris - Premier car insurance broker for more than 30 years and owner of several nationally-rated websites that offer the best available rates.
    Answered on June 2, 2014
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