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    Some companies will allow you to change your policy mid-contract. If your health insurance coverage is thru your employer, you will need to check with the Human Resources Manager, or the person in charge of employee benefits. Depending on circumstances, you may have a “Qualifying Life Event”, such as the birth of a child, or a spouse losing current coverage due to job loss. Most companies have a Annual Open Enrollment when coverage can be changed regardless of the circumstances.

    If you do not have your coverage thru your employer, or your spouse’s employer, you may still be able to change coverage mid-contract. Most companies will allow an insured to add a child due to birth or adoption, and in some cases, coverage may be automatic for a short period of time.

    Some companies may only allow the changes to go into effect at the monthly renewal. So in other words, if a policy was written on June 3, and a request for a change is made on July 20th, you may have to wait until August 3rd for the change to apply to your policy.

    Read your policy or contact your insurance company to see if coverage can be added or removed, deductibles raised or lowered.
    Answered on February 20, 2013
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