1. Bob VineyardPRO
    Founder, Georgia Medicare Plans, Atlanta,GA
    HumanaOne has health insurance plans to meet almost every need and budget. Rates are determined based on your age, gender, zip code, the plan design you pick and your overall health.

    Some HumanaOne plans for younger individuals can be less than $100 per month while older individuals may be $400 per month or more.
    Answered on March 20, 2013
  2. Jason GoldenzweigPRO
    Co-Founder, TermInsuranceBrokers.com, Goldenzweig Financial Group, Haymarket, Virginia
    The average cost in the country for a health insurance plan is $328 per month - however, this is only reflective upon a silver level plan (not all 2014 state figure averages are available yet). While you can try to come up with an "average" cost, there's too many factors that go into premium pricing to say how in relation that compares to you. In short, an "average" premium is a rather useless figure to the individual. It's only representative to a large group - you could have people paying a small nominal amount (after factoring in subsidies) per month to several thousand dollars per month. Even for that there's a ton of information to sift through to get an accurate representation.

    Under the new Affordable Care Act, you have the options for bronze, silver, gold, and platinum level plans (as you go up in metal, the price goes up, but provides better benefits) - some areas also have a catastrophic plan available. In addition, your age is a big factor as well. The younger you are, the cheaper your premium - the older you are, the higher your premium. Also, if you use tobacco products, your premium can be increased up to 50% as well.

    You may be able to qualify for a subsidy that can be used to reduce the cost of your health insurance premiums.

    I always recommend consulting with an experienced broker. We can help you determine the plan that's going to be most suitable for your needs and budget. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thanks very much.
    Answered on May 9, 2014
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