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    Robert Cole
    President-ROCO Insurance Agency,LLC,, WWW.ROCOINSURANCE.COM, Dallas,TX
    It truly depends on who you ask.  Personally I feel it is a great thing that has happened to our country. It has been a rough start but this is history in the making. Look how far Medicare has come since it's inception. 

      "Obamacare", also know as the Affordable Care Act, is allowing people with pre-existing conditions to now see the doctors they want to see and if they cannot afford the insurance then the government is going to pay for some if not all of it. 

      I think this is going to be the Legacy that President Obama is known for and once al the kinks are ironed out and people are educated to exactly what this means for them and stop listening to all the propaganda on TV then they will then come to realize it. If all of these other countries can have socialized medicine and have made it work then why can't the most powerful country in the world pull this off. 

      Try it yourself by visiting http://rocoinsurance.com/obamacare-insurance-2.html and being educated on the matter and then get a quote and see how much, if any, the government will pay for your subsidy.
    Answered on February 16, 2014
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