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    The cheapest health insurance rates in Iowa will be typically offered by one of the approved carriers on the Marketplace, which was created because of recent legislation.

    Coventry Health Care and CoOportunity Health will feature individual plans to individuals and families through the Exchange (Marketplace) and expect statewide coverage. Other participating companies will be Avera, Gunderson, Sanford and Health Alliance Midwest.

    So how do you apply for a policy or compare prices? An experienced broker (along with their website) can shop for the best rates, show you the best options and discuss your federal subsidy that could potentially reduce your premium quite a bit.

    As a broker for more than 30 years, our focus is to help consumers navigate the healthcare waters (in Iowa or other states) so they can find the cheapest plans, but also understand what they are purchasing.
    Answered on August 23, 2013
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