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    Edward HarrisPRO
    Owner, Best Health And Car Insurance Rates - Instant Online Quotes, US
    You will be required to have health insurance in 2014. Oh, that pesky government! As part of the Affordable Care Act, you will be taxed if you don't have qualified coverage.

    Federal tax subsidies will be available and as mentioned below, full-time experienced brokers are the best resources to discuss the topic.

    Here's what to do. As experienced brokers, our job is to shop the best carriers in your area, and show you the lowest rates for the coverage you need. It may not be as expensive as you think and you may qualify for a big federal tax subsidy!
    Answered on June 3, 2013
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    David RacichPRO
    Fountain Hills, Arizona
    Starting in 2014 the PPACA or Obamacare will be operational. All Americans will be required to have health insurance, but not all will pay for health insurance. The health care legislation is based on means testing, so the poor won’t pay anything and the middle class could have subsidies. Because it is a federal program, all shortfall of the legislation will be paid be federal tax payers, i.e. only half the country. 

    Answered on June 3, 2013
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