I would like to have someone like this mold removal company take care of the mold removal – but I need to make sure insurance covers it.

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    Drew Delaney, J.D., CLCSPRO
    Commercial Lines Producer, Secure Investors Group, INC, Troy, Michigan

    First, you must examine your policy to see if there is a universal denial of coverage for any mold damage.  If there is then you are out of luck.  However, if there is no such denial of coverage, move on to step 2.

    Second,  determine the source of the mold.  This is important because mold needs moisture to grow.  If your mold problem can be traced to a pipe bursting and spraying water all over your home, then you can make the claim.  If the mold is growing because your house is old and moisture got in due to lack of maintenance, then you are out of luck.  Another example is water backup, if your sewage drain backs up and you have resultant damage, without a sewer/drain backup endorsement you will be denied coverage. 

    So, in summary:  1) is mold excluded no matter what; and 2) if mold is not excluded, was it caused by a covered cause of loss?
    Answered on July 12, 2013
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