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    Alex Pfeifer
    Owner, Pfeifer Insurance Brokers, Burlingame, CA
    I believe there are many companies that underwrite for Progressive. Progressive lists the following companies at http://www.progressive.com/homeowners/homeowners-companies/

    Homesite Insurance Group
    Website: http://homesite.com/underwriting-companies/index.htm
    Phone: 866-960-8609
    IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company
    Website: https://homeinsurance.ameriprise.com/web/aah/idsPropertyCasualty
    Phone: 888-892-0824
    Website: http://www.assurant.com/about/
    Phone: 866-208-0978
    All Risks, LTD
    Website: http://www.allrisks.com/about/
    Phone: 888-309-9176
    QBE Insurance Corporation
    Website: http://www.qbefirst.com/contact/
    Phone: 888-309-9176
    American Strategic Insurance Corp
    Website: http://www.americanstrategic.com/AboutUs/our_companies.aspx
    Phone: 888-309-9176
    Occidental Fire and Casualty Company of North Carolina
    Website: http://www.cru360.com/Occidental.aspx
    Phone: 888-309-9176
    First American Property and Casualty Insurance Group
    Website: https://www.fapcig.com/ConsumerWeb/company/history.aspx
    Phone: 888-309-9176
    Answered on July 31, 2013
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