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    There is one type of life insurance that you can get while having any type of cancer, and that is called Guaranteed Life Insurance. It is not available at every age, and it is graded for 2 or more years. But it does not have any health requirements. You can also purchase pre-need policies at a funeral home while having cancer. With those, the graded period is usually one year.

    If your cancer was caught in the early stages and has a good prognosis, you should be able to get a policy other than guaranteed issue about a year or two after the last treatment. Some types of policies will add a flat extra that drops off after a few years. Others add table ratings to the policy. It all depends on the type of cancer, the stage, how well it responded to treatment, how long ago you were diagnosed and last treated, and whether your cancer recurred or not.

    Finding life insurance for persons with cancer can be complicated. Contacting an impaired risk life insurance specialist is helpful to find your best rate.
    Answered on October 11, 2013
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