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    David OsgoodPRO
    Agent, Rural Mutual Insurance Co., Union Grove, WI
    That depends on how quickly the requirements for proof of death are met and if there were any extenuating circumstances that would require investigation. Most companies are going to make the within a relatively short period of time. They want family members to be able to get on with their lives less financial burdens as quickly as possible. To find out how your life insurance policy is handled, call your local agent and discuss it with them.
    Answered on April 29, 2013
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    Jerry Vanderzanden, CLU, ChFCPRO
    Co-Founder, Coastal Financial Partners Group, California
    It will normally take as little as a week or two to receive death proceeds of a life insurance policy from the time the insurer receives a claim form and the death certificate.

    In the event of death in the first two policy years, the insurer will need more time to investigate the claim as death occurred within the two year contestability period of the policy.
    Answered on April 29, 2013
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    Peggy MacePRO
    CEO and Senior Agent, Outlook Life, Inc, Most of the U.S.
    Life insurance claims are usually paid within a week or two after the insurance company receives the death claim and certified death certificate from the person filing the claim. If the beneficiary chooses to receive the death benefit in a lump sum, the insurance company will send them a check for that amount.
    Answered on June 11, 2013
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