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    It is a challenge to come up with the money to bury someone who does not have life insurance or cash saved up for that event. Even with good intentions, savings can become depleted, putting family and friends in a difficult position. Most of the clients we've had who have been involved in that type of situation, said they have taken up a collection among the family to bury their deceased relative.

    However, there are a few sources where you can help supplement funeral and burial costs. Social Security will pay a lump sum of $255 for a funeral if the deceased person qualified for SS benefits. Veterans can be buried for free in one of the nation's 131 national cemeteries, and there are burial funds available for some eligible veterans. Read the criteria for receiving these benefits here: http://www.benefits.va.gov/BENEFITS/factsheets/burials/Burial.pdf  

    Funeral homes like to be paid quickly, but you could reimburse those who donated after holding a sale of the deceased person's belongings. Or perhaps memorials given could be applied toward the burial costs.

    Keep in mind that you can take out a policy on a parent, grandparent or other person for whom the costs of burial might fall on your shoulders. They just have to agree to and sign the policy. Perhaps if they understand the hardship being uninsured can put on their loved ones, they might consent to taking this step.
    Answered on May 12, 2013
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