1. COO and Senior Agent, Outlook Life, All 50 States
    To locate a life insurance policy for a deceased person, you first should try to find the policy itself. If it is not stored in the deceased person's files or if you cannot find a record of it anywhere, see if a sibling or parent or child might recall the company through which it was purchased. If you can find the company, then all it takes is a phone call to the company to get the get the claim paid.
    Answered on June 3, 2013
  2. Ken Boncela
    Ageny Owner, Farmers Insurance, Ken Boncela Insurance & Financial Services, Oswego, lllinois
    After checking all the deceased records, try former employers.  When all other resources are exhausted there is a fee-based service available through MIB Solutions' Policy Locator Service. You can find an online application and more information about the fee, eligibility to use the service and requirements at http://www.mib.com/lost_life_insurance.html Good luck!
    Answered on June 3, 2013

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