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    "Life insurance per unit" is the cost of life insurance per thousand dollars of coverage.

    Child Riders are priced per unit. E.g. a $10,000 child rider may cost $60 per year, or $6.00 per unit.

    Flat extras are also charged by unit. The insurance company may add on $7.50 per unit of life insurance for 3 years after having surgery for prostate cancer. For a $100,000 policy, that would add on $750 per year, but then the flat extra would drop off after three years and the policy would cost $750 less.

    You can also price your own policy if you know the cost of one unit of life insurance. E.g. If you are buying a final expense policy that costs $50 per unit, a $10,000 policy will cost $500 per year.
    Answered on July 31, 2013
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