1. Peggy MacePRO
    President and Senior Agent, Outlook Life, Most of the U.S.
    One unit of life insurance is $1,000. The term if often used when adding a child rider to a life insurance policy. If you add a child rider of 10 units, at a cost of $8.00 per unit, you are adding a $10,000 child rider at a cost of $80 per year.
    Answered on May 28, 2013
  2. Tim WilhoitPRO
    Owner, Your Friend 4 Life, Brentwood TN
    In almost all life insurance companies, a unit is referring to $1,000 of face amount. This is common in smaller life insurance policies and group life insurance. It is used as an easy method to select your face amount without underwriting. It is also common on additional life insurance riders such as spouse and child riders.
    Answered on October 19, 2014
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