1. Jason GoldenzweigPRO
    Co-Founder, TermInsuranceBrokers.com, Goldenzweig Financial Group, Haymarket, Virginia
    Yes! Medicare will cover an echocardiogram. Your doctor must order/prescribe one.An echocardiogram is covered under Medicare Part B. Medicare will pay for about 80% of the costs after the Part B deductible is met ($147 in 2014) - you would be responsible for the other 20% and the Part B deductible. 

    Please note, when you first enroll in Medicare Part B, you open your 6-month initial open enrollment period to buy a Medicare supplement plan (a.k.a. Medigap plan) with NO MEDICAL UNDERWRITING!. A Medigap plan can cover the deductibles and a portion or all of the other 20% of expenses covered by Part B and features a number of other big advantages as well. An experienced broker can help find the plan that's most suitable for you and your budget. Please let me know if I can be of help. Thanks very much
    Answered on May 8, 2014
  2. Samuel SmithPRO
    Enrolled Agent-licensed to practice before the IRS, Samuel N Smith, EA, South Carolina
    The short answer is yes it covers echocardiogram under Part B. Does it cover the costs in full-the answer is no. If you have original medicare then 80% is paid by medicare and you have to pay the 20% if you do not have a medicare supplement/
    If you have Medicare Advantage you have to pay the $50 specialist charge plus the company that you are covered by may only pay a percentage of the charge and you have to pay the balance.
    How to know what yuo have to pay before you go-call the company and ask them
    Answered on November 24, 2013

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