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    Founder, Georgia Medicare Plans, Atlanta,GA
    Financial ratings really don't matter when it comes to Medicare supplement insurance. All Medicare supplement plans are identical, and all pay claims on a timely basis.

    There are considerable consumer protections included in Medicare supplement plans. If your Medicare supplement carrier gets in financial trouble or decides to exit the market you have a "free pass" to apply for any plan with any other carrier, regardless of your health.

    The best Medicare supplemental insurance plan in your state is one that matches your needs and budget.

    Medigap insurance rates vary considerably by zip code, age, tobacco use and plan.

    The older you are the higher your Medicare supplement rate will be. The exception is for those who are under age 65 and on disability and Medicare. In most states rates for under age 65 are astronomical.

    Many carriers offer competitive rates from age 65 to 74. Above age 74 some plans (surprisingly) become more competitive while others less so.

    Tobacco use often adds 20% to the rate but can be more, depending on the carrier.

    Plan F is the most expensive (and most popular) followed by D or G (depending on your state), N then Hi F which is the least expensive.

    You can generally find a site that offers "instant Medigap quotes" but keep in mind the most competitive rates are usually not illustrated online.
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    Answered on April 15, 2013
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