1. Showcase Your Niche Expertise As An Author

Insurance Agent Google AuthorshipThe web is a very busy place with billions and billions of pages of information already published.  How can you cut through this clutter and show your insurance expertise to consumers online?  It’s actually quite easy.  Focus on your bread & butter.  Don’t try to be everything to everybody – pick a topic that you have “above average” knowledge within, and become the go-to person for that niche information.

This is what Google wants you to do as well.  Towards the end of 2012, Google rolled out it’s authorship program, which allows individuals to add a code snippet to their content in order to tell Google that they are the individual that authored the content.  The more pieces of specific content agents have published with their author tag – the more Google will see that agent as an authority on that specific topic.  The more Google sees an agent as an authority, the more likely Google is to rank other content authored by that individual.

The one downside of the authorship program is that it requires coding skills to get the authorship code added to your content.  An easy fix for that is to answer consumer insurance questions on Insurance Library.  Insurance Library is set up to automatically add the author code to every answer an agent provides when they are the first to answer the question.


2. Get Your Social Media Strategy Right

Insurance Agent Social MediaIt’s no secret that social media is a channel in which insurance agents must be present.  It’s common knowledge that consumers are spending huge amounts of time on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.  The problem that consistently plagues insurance agents, however, is they are going about social media promotion completely wrong by sharing content that is incredibly boring to consumers.  To get the most of your social media efforts – it’s vital to share content that relates to your audience.

Consumers don’t care about changes in the law or other industry happenings – they only care about how insurance directly impacts their lives and their pocket books.  For 2014, shift your social strategy to a model that engages customers by sharing content that answers common consumer questions.  It’s easy, browse the questions at Insurance Library, answer questions that your customers commonly ask – then share those answers across your social networks. (it’s incredibly easy on Insurance Library, all you need to do is click a button after answering the question)

This is how you can engage consumers on social media rather than boring them.  Consumers turn to the web when they have questions – now you have positioned yourself as a local expert that’s ready to help.


3. Fish Where The Fish Are

Fish Where The Fish AreFocusing all of your online efforts on your own website is a strategy that won’t get you very far in 2014.  Unless you have a staff of dozens of developers, designers and SEO strategists – it’s highly unlikely that you are going to be able position your website to gain more visibility than the “big boys”.  Rather than working tirelessly to try to keep up with the big sites, use those sites to your advantage!  Sites like Insurance Library get thousands of consumer visitors every single day, and you can get directly in front of them!  By leveraging Insurance Library – you don’t have to spend hours pulling your hair out trying to get visitors to your own, individual website – you can focus your efforts on engaging with consumers where they are already at.

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