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An auto insurance quote refers to the rate or amount that an insurer might charge you to insure your vehicle. The quote can be either a monthly rate, semi annual or annual amount that you would be required to pay to insure your auto. An auto quote can be obtained, online, through individual insurers or through insurance agents who are licensed to sell auto insurance policies.

A car insurance quote is based on the type of auto insurance that you wish to carry. The quotes provided as a rough estimate of what you will be paying. Quotes for insurance coverage depend on the following types of insurance you want or need for your auto and include.
  • Liability
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Specialty insurance riders such as glass or other coverage
It generally does not take very long to be provided with an auto insurance quote and can generally be provided to you immediately over the phone or in person through either an insurance company or an insurance agent.

There are a variety of factors that affect the amount of the quote that you will receive. The first is the type of coverage you elect to buy for your vehicle. All states require that vehicle owners must have minimal liability coverage which is the minimal you must purchase according to state law and which vary from state to state.

Along with the type coverage, the type of make and model, the year the car manufactured, its mileage, and the overall mechanical condition of the vehicle will influence the amount you are quoted.

Also, your driving record can affect your quote such as if you are a newly licensed driver, and whether you have received citations, been involved in any accidents, and whether you have been charged with either DUI or drug charges during the operation of a car.

The age of the car, the type of car and where the vehicle will be located also impact the quote you will receive. Older model vehicles may not be as mechanically sound as newer vehicles and may lack a variety of safety features such as air bags found in newer vehicles.

The type of car will also affect the quote as some vehicles have much better safety test ratings than others. Certain types of vehicles such as “muscle cars” or vehicles which have been mechanically enhanced to increase performance or speed may be viewed by an insurer as being more of a risk to insure.

Also, some makes or models of vehicles are the preferred choice of car thieves which may also increase the risk for an insurer.

Where you will be parking the vehicle or its location can also impact the car insurance quote. This could refer to areas such as high crime risk areas, or may be due to the volume of traffic that has been shown to have a higher percentage of traffic accidents.

There are a variety of factors that can increase the amount of the auto insurance quote you may be provide and these include the following:
  • An older or modified vehicle
  • Poor mechanical condition of the vehicle
  • A make and model of the car popular with car thieves, or sporty model
  • Located in a high crime area
  • High accident frequency location
  • A new driver with minimal driving experience or an older driver
  • A medical condition
  • More extensive insurance coverage such as increasing your liability coverage
  • A poor driving record with one or more infractions