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    Mark Bartlett CLCS
    Branch Owner, TWFG Insurance Services, Fremont California and the Greater Bay Area Representing Dozens of Insurance Carriers
    The best way to get multiple insurance quotes is to contact a local independent agent. Independent agents are not beholden to any once company and therefor are able to quickly give you multiple quotes with multiple options to chose from. Independent agents work for the client, not the insurance company.
    Answered on September 5, 2013
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    Brenda Hanson
    Vice President/Agent, Best Rates Insurance Inc, Kalispell Montana
    The proper way and best way is to compare through an LOCAL independent agent. and check with many local agents because unfortunately some agents will not always give you the best rates available or apply the discounts that can be applied. I personally have quoted with clients who brought quotes in from other agencies and been $100 a month cheaper with the same carrier. Unfortunately some agencies are no different then car salesmen

    Trust your gut talk to the person and go into the office and see how they operate are they there to really help you or are they there just to make a profit? It is sad to see this in the industry but it does happen.
    Also look to see what kind of service they provide are they making you wait for the quote are they prompt are they willing to answer the 24/7 or is it they type of agency that sells you a policy and the next time you call with a question or an issue they send you to a 800 to talk to the carrier because they won't service our policy. Make sure they listen to your needs not just making you a number.
    Answered on September 5, 2013
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