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If you’re not sure what an insurance quote means, it simply refers to the rate or the amount that you might be expected to pay for an insurance policy and is provided for every type of insurance coverage available.

An insurance quote is provided either through an insurance company that is licensed to sell a particular form of insurance in your state, or can be obtained through a licensed insurance agent where the quote is obtained directly from one or more insurance companies.

The insurance quote rate is the amount that you may be assessed and can be quoted as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual amounts. An insurance quote is not necessarily absolute and can be subject to either being decreased or increased after the insurance company evaluates your particular circumstances for the policy you wish to purchase.

An insurance quote is based on different factors depending on the type of insurance policy being purchased. Generally, you will be asked a variety of questions relevant to the type of policy being purchased and what is to be insured such as your car or your home for example.

A more in depth evaluation of your circumstances may have to be investigated by an insurer such having to take medical examination for a life insurance policy, or your collectibles may have to be appraised if you are insuring the contents of your home or condo for example.

The information is evaluated and the amount of risk being taken on by the insurer is assessed and then determines the quote you are provided.

An insurance quote does not involve any form of contractual obligation on your part so you do not have to buy an insurance product based on any quote provided to you. You are free to comparison shop for additional quotes with other insurance companies or agents as much and as often as you want.

For many insurance types of coverage, you can be often provided with a quote as soon you answer a few questions either verbally or through a questionnaire. The process may take a little longer and can occur as quickly as the insurer or agent can respond to you, generally in a just a few or less business days.

Other types of insurance such as life insurance or specialty insurance may require a longer time period before you receive a quote. The reason is so the insurer can more thoroughly evaluate their risk exposure and your particular circumstances before they consider insuring you, and what they will provide to you as an insurance quote.

There are multiple factors that affect the insurance quote provided to some people and which may be slightly or significantly different for others.

Every type of insurance policy has specific rating factors used by insurers, and can vary from insurer to insurer as not all insurance companies have the same criteria in evaluating the insurance quotes they provide.

Insurance quotes will also be variable according to different individual circumstances. Two individuals who are the same age and who are applying for car insurance may get different quotes for the exact same year and model of vehicle.

One individual may have a spotless driving record while the other has been involved in several accidents, or have a DUI or other charges. Each of these individuals is likely to be quoted quite differently.

Many other factors can affect what is being insured such your age, the age and condition of the item being insured, your location such a high crime area or low crime area. There can be numerous factors that affect the amount of risk being assumed by an insurer and affect the insurance quote you will receive.