Insurance professionals enjoy many benefits from providing answers to the knowledge base, here are just some of them:

  • It’s FREE promotion!
    Sure, Twitter and Facebook are free too – but how many people are going there to have their insurance questions answered?  Contribute to and get your name and contact details in front of people that are specifically looking to have their insurance questions answered.
  • It generates new business!
    Many of the questions on the site are the exact questions consumers ask when they are looking to purchase insurance coverage or looking to switch providers.  By answering these questions, you put yourself one click away from gaining a new potential client. Consumers have the ability to easily contact you securely via contact form at no cost to you.
  • It boosts your online visibility!
    Do you have a website or social media properties that could use a visibility boost?  With your profile, you can link to your website and social media profiles.  Not only can this drive traffic to your properties, it also sends relevancy signals to search engines like Google – this can help you rank better in search engines.

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Agent Profiles & Contributor Points

As a contributor to, you will get your own public profile.  You can use this opportunity to add personal information, website links and more.  Additionally, your profile includes an optional ‘contact me’ button to securely connect insurance seeking consumers and you.

There are 3 different levels of contributor profiles available to agents – the features and functions available with your profile are based on the total number of contributor points you have earned. Earning contributor points not only unlocks features on your agent profile, it also provides better visibility for your answers in the knowledge base and more.

Contributor Score Overview

Users that contribute answers to are awarded with points. If you are the first to answer a question, you are awarded with “author status” for the question (learn more about that here) and you also receive 10 points. Any additional answers to a question are worth 15 points.

In addition to receiving points for answering questions, contributors can also earn an easy 50 points by filling out their contributor profile. Contributor points are publicly displayed on agent profiles and the top contributing agents are featured on the contributor leaderboard.

Contributor Profiles

The more points a user has, the more features and functions become available to user profiles. Users with higher points are able to achieve higher profile levels, which provides better visibility for the agent and their content.  In addition to overall points – a user must also continue to actively contribute answers to in order to maintain an enhanced or premium profile.

Here is a breakdown of the 3 profile levels:

  • 0 – 199 Points: Basic Profile
  • 200 – 999 Points: Enhanced Profile
  • 1000 + Points: Premium Profile

The table below illustrates the features available to agents across the 3 different profile levels.


* Users must have an active account in order to maintain an enhanced or premium profile


How Do I Get Started?

  1. Sign up to become a contributor (the application takes less than a minute)
  2. Once approved, your login information will be e-mailed to you
  3. Log in and start answering questions