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    David OsgoodPRO
    Agent, Rural Mutual Insurance Co., Union Grove, WI
    Auto insurance is typically an at will product. That means that you can cancel with one carrier to sign up with another carrier at any time that you wish or you could just cancel your coverage without switching carriers. Canceling your coverage without signing with another carrier will leave you and your family exposed to financial hardships caused by accidents that you are deemed responsible for, not mention other requirements from loan providers or others with a contractual interest in your vehicle. Remember every policy is different. Please read your policy completely to understand the coverage provided and any exclusions that there may be or contact your local agent to have them go over the policy with you.
    Answered on September 9, 2013
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    Tom SheehanPRO
    Agency Owner, The Thomas G Sheehan Agency, 27 Glen Road Sandy Hook, CT 06482
    For the most part, yes you can.  However, it is best to have your replacement coverage in place before cancelling the coverage you have currently.  Gaps in coverage are not only risky from a driving exposure point of view, in states that require car insurance they can cost you dearly in fines imposed by DMV.
    Answered on August 4, 2014
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