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COO and Senior Agent, Outlook Life, All 50 States

About Me

Peg Mace entered the profession of life insurance in 1997. As Senior Agent and COO of Outlook Life, Peg has written thousands of policies in the last 12 years, but has never allowed Outlook Life to lose its personal touch. Outlook Life's expertise in finding the most affordable life insurance and other financial products for people with a health condition, has earned their website agency respect among people with diabetes, MS, hepatitis, obesity, seniors, and more.

Peggy got a Bachelor's Degree in Gerontology, started a Senior Center, worked in Social Services at a nursing home, managed an independent retirement residence, and was a Certified Preplanning Consultant at a funeral home before selling life insurance online since 2001. Her background all came together to specialize in Impaired Risk and Senior Life Insurance. Outlook Life, shops 50 companies to find the best rate and policy for every type of health and age.

Company Information

Outlook Life shops scores of companies to find your most affordable life insurance rates. Licensed in all 50 states. Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Web privacy seal with TRUSTe. Instant, free life insurance quotes provided at www.outlooklife.com, even for people with health conditions. Personal, professional service from licensed, experienced agents.