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    Bob VineyardPRO
    Founder, Georgia Medicare Plans, Atlanta,GA
    Most critical illness plans pay a lump sum cash benefit on first diagnosis of a covered illness or condition. Some plans, especially older ones, will pay a benefit as a reimbursement plan.

    The lump sum plan is superior in many ways. Read the definitions and never buy a life insurance based product.
    Answered on June 2, 2013
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    Peggy MacePRO
    CEO and Senior Agent, Outlook Life, Inc, Most of the U.S.
    Critical Illness Insurance pays out when the insured person is diagnosed with a covered health condition as listed in the policy. Life threatening illness usually pay 100% of the critical illness benefit. If the illness is serious but not as advanced or as high a stage as to be life threatening, it may still pay a % of the benefit.
    Answered on August 10, 2013
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