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    Andrew Muller
    Insurance Advisor, Charleston, SC
    In short, the answer is yes.  But it needs to be clarified whether you are asking for property damage to the pool itself or liability coverage.  Both would be covered barring any specific pool exclusions, which I am not aware of any in the standard market. 

    If someone were to get injured while swimming in the pool, yes, your homeowners policy should cover you for liability.  Likewise, if you pool is damaged due to the standard homeowners causes of loss less any standard exclusions then the pool would be covered for property damage to the pool itself.  Keep in mind that wear and tear would not be covered under your policy.  So if your pool liner rips "just because" or the concrete foundation cracks, those would be considered wear and tear. 

    Please note that many insurance carriers are very cautious when writing homeowners insurance on homes that have pools.  Some do not like to write them with a pool exposure, some do not mind, so be sure to ask your agent how it might affect your current coverage and future coverage and what the premium impact might be.

    You also want to strongly consider higher liability limits in purchasing an umbrella or if you already have an umbrella policy then higher umbrella limits.  It might cost you $150 for each additional $1 mil limit.

    Lastly, if you have a pool and want to make sure you are covered for the proper limits, make sure your coverage B (other structures) limit is sufficient to cover any losses to your pool and any other structures i.e. detached garages, sheds as well.
    Answered on June 25, 2013
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