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About Me

David Bracknell is an Independent Life Insurance Agent. He is a family man who loves his wife and his daughter and loves spending time with them. He cares about his clients. He believes in every product he sells. He will not sell a product if it is not in the client's best interest to buy that product. He will take the time to find his clients real needs and he will work hard to make sure they get the right coverage for their needs.

"I know how important life insurance is, My grandpa did not have enough life insurance to cover his funeral when he passed away. And my dad who was 54 when he was diagnosed with cancer, did not have life insurance at all when he died at the age of 55. My mom and the rest of the family had to pay the funeral costs. Believe me, the last thing your grieving family needs to be thinking about is 'How do I pay for the funeral and medical bills?' My goal in this business is to make sure your family does not have to ask this question."

-David Bracknell

Company Information

Fair Seas Insurance is your leading authority in Tennessee and Alabama providing all of your life insurance needs we offer top products at unbeatable rates. We specialize in finding insurance coverage for those who's health and history make it hard to find life insurance coverage. For information, to get a quote, or to apply for coverage, go to our website or call us today!

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