Marcia Marill
Medicare Insurance, Colorado Medicare Choices, Colorado Springs, Colorado

About Me

First and foremost I am a wife and mother with 2 wonderful boys and 2 spectacular girls (who live in France) along with our beautiful 6 small grandchildren.
Because of my background in professional nursing and counseling I truly understand the health and life care planning needs and concerns of my clients. Everything I’ve done in the past has prepared me to excel in Medicare and End of life Insurance matters.
As a Medicare Insurance agent I provide local classes throughout the community to educate those who are turning 65 and those leaving employers insurance about the ins and outs of Medicare and insurance options. Understanding a person's needs, their health and financial situation are all factors that play into selecting the plan that will best meet their current needs. For Medicare I work primarily in my resident state of Colorado, however I also assist others in Florida and Arizona.

Company Information

Colorado Medicare Choices specializes in Medicare Insurance Products: Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans. Having the education about Medicare for those entering in Medicare is an essential starting point and understanding the process of going on Medicare differs whether it is because of a disability, turning 65 or leaving employers insurance. Each entry point has different requirements and time constraints of how and when to apply and what is needed.