The insurance agent contributors on are able to earn points by answering questions on the site. Users earn more points for answers that are greater in length and in detail.

In addition to answering questions, there are a couple quick and easy ways for contributors to add points:

  1. Earn 50 Points For Completing Your Profile
    By completing the primary fields in your user profile and updating you photo to the site, you will automatically have 50 points applied to your account – it’s as easy as that!
  2. Earn 150 Points For Blogging About
    Simply write a blog post about to share with your blog readers and you will earn 150 points. If you contribute to other blogs, shoot us a quick note and we may be able to give you more points for posting on multiple blogs!To take advantage of these bonus points, simply follow these steps:

    1. Write a blog post that describes in your own words and include a link to
    2. Email us at and include the link to your published blog post – that’s it! Once we verify the blog post, we will add the bonus points to your overall score.