Grandson lives with us.. has auto ins on his Stepdads ins. has accident, both have same ins. now they say we have to pay medical bills from our ins. is this true?

He lives with us… his step day has him on his car ins. he had an accident and had to have medical treatment.. We both have the same ins company.. now they say because our grandson lives with us.. we have to pay the medical bills.. and they want us to put him on our ins now… I don’t want to do that as he is not driving at all now..


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    Josh DeBoer
    Producer, Fred Daniel & Sons, Inc., Tulsa, OK
    First of all, I hope everyone is ok from the accident. Well, there are a few questions that you need to ask and you need to take a look at the auto policy. How long has your grandson been living with you?  Take a look at the policy to see if your grandson's name listed on the policy as a named insured. Here is how "you and "your" is defined in the policy:

    1. Those named in the declarations, and
    2. The spouse of the person(s) named, if they are a resident of the SAME household
         a.  Living in the same household as "You", or if not living in the same household as "You", he or she   is considered "You" unitl the earlier of:
         1.  90 days after a change in residency
         2.  The effective date of securing his or her own coverage
         3.  The date the policy expires

    A "Family member" is defined:

    1. A resident of your household who is:

    a. related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption
    b. is a ward or foster child.

    Now that your grandson lives with you, the insurance company is wanting to add him to your insurance because he is a  "Family Member" of your household and not his step fathers. You need to discuss what you would like to happen with your current agent. The insurance company may offer a solution and have you sign a driver exclusion form that would specifically exclude your grandson from your policy.
    Answered on November 22, 2013
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    Allen Mitchell
    This is a very common question and the the answer given about the technical aspects are excellent.  The main thing in this type of case as I have discovered over the years is to contact a lawyer and pay for a simple interview if you must.  I had a similar thing happen with an accident I had before I entered the insurance profession and I wound up paying my own deductible when the other party was issued several tickets.  I did two things, I had an attorney write a letter to the company we were both insured with and I took my insurance elsewhere.  I received a refund for my deductible.
    Answered on December 4, 2013
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