So i was driving along back to work in the left lane on a 2 lane highway approaching a red light at a 4 way stop in a school zone. This guy comes flying up on my right side and darts out in front of me and slams on his breaks and I barely bump him. The officers didnt take a statement from me and the police report was not filed by the responding officer. Also when we were being guided to a nearby parking lot to let traffic continue to flow the guy doesnt use his signal and drives up on the corner curb both times. He says there was 1000.00 dollars worth of damage done to his vehicle but there is next to none done to mine. The officers still didnt take a statement from me, they just handed me the ticket and said i was at fault. I set a court date to fight the ticket in which the other driver was present and testified against me. I presented my video showing his car was still in turning position and shouldnt have even tried to get out in front of me in the first place. The judge ruled in my favor by way of reasonable doubt. So knowing the ticket was dropped and my video shows that next to no damage was done after the accident and that his loss may have occurred when he drove onto the concrete curb, how likely will his insurance still try to get payment from mine?

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    Thad Bynum
    Owner/ Partner, Bynum Insurance Agency, Inc, Clayton, GA
    There is no way of knowing if the other party will try to collect against you or not. The best thing to do is to file the accident with your insurance company so they can investigate themselves to make their own independent determination. If you don't file the claim timely with your own company, they could refuse to defend you if something comes up at a later date. Keep all of the records including the dismissal of the traffic case and video to use in your own defense. The passage of time will help you as the statute of limitations will dictate how long the other party could bring suit, which more than likely would be small claims court for your jurisdiction. Good luck
    Answered on January 10, 2017
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