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    Most States require proof that Liability Insurance be in force in order to register a car and maintain that registration.
    Primary Auto INsurance providers operating within such States, of course file their own underwriting rules and standards along with the rates that that they charge to the INsurance Department, which approves these for their direct insuring operations.  However, in States where insurance is required, these states cannot also obligate an insuring company to alter it's underwriting standards in order to accomidate all situations.  In most cases, the licensed insuring companies are required to form a "pool" of sorts which have commonly over the years becme known as the "Assigned Risk Pool" .  An applicant completes a general application for coverage and that is submitted to the Assigned Risk Administration, which then proceeds to transfer that risk (assign) it to a particular participating carrier who then issues the policy on their paper and based upon the filed rates of the Assigned Risk Plan in that State.
    Answered on December 10, 2013
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