I recently hit a coyote with my car, and am still waiting for an adjuster to come out. I still owe 9000 dollars on my car but it is only worth around 2000. I have loan lease payoff coverage. I know that it would cost more to repair it than what it’s worth. Is it possible that they may still have it repaired so that it is cheaper than paying off my loan?

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    Kyla Beamon
    Insurance Concierge, M&G Insurance, Lake Oswego Oregon
    I'm sorry about your accident and glad you are OK. An adjuster will look at your car and decide if the cost to repair it is greater then the cost of the vehicle in their eyes. They have a calculation they use and can look at what a car is actually worth for the year and model. You were smart to have a loan lease payoff because if he/she decides it is totaled you will not be responsible for paying off your lease (unless you selected a deductible).
    Answered on March 20, 2017
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