Barry Goldwater
Principal, Goldwater Financial Group, Boston

About Me

Barry Goldwater is the Principal of the Goldwater Financial Group, a Massachusetts-based independent insurance brokerage firm. He has 25 years of experience in the insurance industry as an asset protection specialist/retirement planning strategist for clients with high net worth. He has extensive experience in wealth transfer and tax deductible insurance strategies, namely 412e3 defined benefit plans and Captive Insurance Companies. He is an expert in pension planning making life insurance tax deductible for high net worth individuals.. His pending trademark, “Future Liability Planning Concepts” is a unique design for protecting pension assets and his tax deductible life insurance plans leverage a business’s ability to fund their buy sell arrangement.

Company Information

Goldwater Financial Group, formerly the Financial Resource Group, is an insurance advisory firm specializing in protecting assets, building and preserving wealth. We are experts at designing non risk and guaranteed insurance programs that integrate with estate and business planning. We build a mote around a client’s estate, protecting it from the devastating events of healthcare disabilities and death taxes so the bulk of client assets go to beneficiaries and whomever they designate. We design our plans based on client expectations and our suggestions mirror their dreams and goals.