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    Shane Burt
    President/Senior Insurance Exec., Mid-American Insurance Associates, Olathe, KS
    Yes! Part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(Obamacare) now mandates that qualified health insurance plans provide free preventative care to all... STD testing falls into that category. Some older plans may still not cover it, but anything post-2009 does. But, it does not cover excessive testing. So, if you get more than 1 test per year, you would be subject to any co-pay, deductibles, and/or coinsurance that might apply.
    Answered on May 14, 2013
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    Marlin McKelvyPRO
    President, Consumer Directed Benefit Solutions, Memphis, Tennessee
    Coverage for testing/screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) has been standard practice in the group and individual health insurance marketplaces for many years. What is covered and how may have varied from state to state.

    Under the requirements of ObamaCare, health insurance policies compliant with that law will have to cover testing for HIV and a variety of other STDs. So, certainly, policies purchased on or after January 1, 2014 should offer rather extensive coverage for STD testing and in most cases one would expect testing/screening to be covered under the preventive care requirements of ObamaCare which means 100% coverage with no copays, deductibles or co-insurance cost sharing. Testing done for treatment purposes and monitoring after an initial diagnosis has been made are then subject to the plan's treatment coverage provisions. So, the very same test done at no charge to diagnose an STD may be subject to a copay, deductible and/or co-insurance when done in conjunction with chronic disease management/treatment.
    Answered on September 1, 2014
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