Approx 1 year ago I had neck surgery, they fixed a herniated disc, got rid of a spur, put in disintegrated disc replacement, ended up with plates and screws. Now I’m having issues with my neck again, but not the same problems, as fixed in the surgery, my question is would a insurance call that a preexisting condition?

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    Thomas Schaffer
    Financial Service Professional, New York Life Insurance, Raleigh,NC
    Good Question! It is going to depend on the Underwriting Policies of the particular insurance companies. While it is not the Exact same issue, the fact that it is in the same area ( Cervical Spine) it might be considered pre- existing. In addition even the "fixed" area could be considered a pre-existing condition if they deem not enough time has passed to be sure the operation has resolved the issue. This is area where it would benefit you to work with an experienced agent who can help you navigate the Underwriting practices of various insurance carriers.
    Answered on December 26, 2016
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