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    Marlin McKelvyPRO
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    Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance is a brand name dating back to the depression era for what were once state based health insurance plans with a charter to provide affordable health insurance for the citizens of the state they were chartered in.  In many ways they were treated as non-profit organizations which often gave them a competitive advantage versus for profit health insurance companies.  Over the decades there has been consolidation among many state BC/BS plans and telling the difference between today's Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans and their other health insurance competitors is largely a distinction without a difference in today's marketplace.

    Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans generally provide a range of individual and group insurance products and administrative services that range from health insurance to dental, vision, life and disability insurance.  At a minimum they cover all medical services required by their state health insurance regulations and the requirements of the Federal Affordable Care Act.  In this regard what they cover is no different than what you will find covered by insurance carriers such as CIGNA, Aetna, Humana or United Healthcare to give you some commonly known competitors.

    You will observe differences in various health plan design options and perhaps in how their rates are quoted between all health insurance carriers, whether it is Blue Cross/Blue Shield or any other insurance carriers but the basic services they are covering are all essentially the same.
    Answered on May 14, 2014
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