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    A lapse in health insurance (and any insurance) is a point when the policy stops providing coverage due to the policyholder not paying their premiums on time. Insurance policies generally feature a 30-day grace period where coverage continues even if the premium payment is a few days late - past this point, the policy would no longer be providing coverage as it would have lapsed and you would need to go through the reinstatement process (paying the due premiums and any other requirements the carrier may have).

    Please note, with health insurance, if your coverage lapses due to non-payment, this does NOT qualify you for a special enrollment period for another plan. Qualifying events are situations such as coming off of group health insurance through an employer, getting married, having a baby, etc.

    I hope the information is helpful - please feel free to contact me for assistance with your coverage and if you have any other questions. Thanks very much.
    Answered on July 25, 2014
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