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    Mark Bartlett CLCSPRO
    Branch Owner, TWFG Insurance Services, Fremont California and the Greater Bay Area Representing Dozens of Insurance Carriers
    Rates going up for making your first claim can vary by carrier. Many insurance carriers offer a claim free discount so making a claim can remove this discount which looks to the consumer as a rate increase. Also the type of claim can make a difference if the rates are effected or not. There are many variables and so I recommend you always consult with your local agent on how a claim may effect your rates or eligibility.
    Answered on May 30, 2013
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    Brenda HansonPRO
    Vice President/Agent, Best Rates Insurance Inc, Kalispell Montana
    Many time the answer is yes. But the rates increase rarely that much compared to what it would of cost your to fix what was damaged from the claim.

    There are many factors to rate increases sometimes the rate increase is just a rate revision and has nothing to do with your claim I recommend you talk to your agent and they should be able to tell you what the rate increase was from
    Answered on May 30, 2013
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