The water shut off valve is in our driveway. It was leaking on the city side. They came in to repair. Cut a large section out of our asphalt to get to it. Because of the leak we have a deep crack and a sink hole that actually collapsed as we drove into our garage. We have to replace the whole driveway rather that’s just resurface after they filled in with dirt and gravel.

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    This one can get a little tricky. Usually pipes from house to street are the responsibility of the homeowner so if the city was kind enough to fix a leak on your actual property then you saved yourself a ton of money by not having to fix it yourself which is usually the responsibility of the homeowner. Since there is no damage to the dwelling there would be no coverage from your homeowners policy unless you had service line coverage on your policy. Most insurance providers do not offer this coverage. If the city was being nice they may patch the hole they dug. If the problem is off your property line then the city will have to fix or patch what the city dug out.
    Answered on April 9, 2015
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