I have just found a couple of cracks in my brick.

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    David W. ClausenPRO
    Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Homeowners Insurance Solutions, Rocky Point, NY 11778
    For coverage to activate, the foundation cracks would have had to be caused by a, "sudden, unforeseen occurrence" caused by a covered 'peril'. For example, if wind caused a tree to fall on the foundation and cause the cracks that would most likely initiate coverage. My experience tells me that, generally speaking, cracks in a foundation are caused by earth movement or settling in/around the foundation. In that case it would not be covered. Also, if water "seeps" its way into a basement because of those cracks that would also not be a covered loss in NY. Most policies exclude seepage & earth movement. I would recommend checking with your agent because each state has different laws and policies differ greatly company to company. Hope this answer helps.
    Answered on August 23, 2016
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    Scott W JohnsonPRO
    Manager, Marindependent Insurance Services LLC, California
    Each Insurance policy is ruled by the insurance contract. So the answer to the question would be found in that contract.

    In general though, cracks in your foundation more than likely would not be covered by a typical home insurance policy, because as David W has stated earth movement may have caused this. Earth movement is generally excluded from home insurance policies.
    Answered on October 5, 2016
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