Due to a space heater because the sump pump went out which caused my furnace to burn then I didn’t have heat for my house.

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    David W. Clausen
    Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Homeowners Insurance Solutions, Rocky Point, NY 11778
    Good Question. We would likely need to get some more information from you and a copy of your policy to 100% determine the answer however I can give you the basics and you can make your own determination. Insurance coverage is based on "proximate cause". What caused your sump pump to fail? If it was mechanical breakdown, you should check your policy for mechanical breakdown endorsement. If it was caused by a breach in your underground utility line supplying power to the home, that is a different story. The long and short is that in order for coverage to be activated it must be a covered peril on the policy. If wind blows a tree onto your roof and the roof sets fire because it hit the chimney then the proximate cause is "wind" and not "fire". Whatever caused your sump pump to fail would be the proximate cause. Having said all of that, most fuses are not that expensive to replace and I would suggest you fix that issue on your own however if the burnt fuse caused by the sump pump caused pipes to freeze in the home, then that is a claim that I would submit to the insurance company. Hope this answer helps.
    Answered on March 29, 2017
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