It took awhile to realize the water pipes below the floor were causing the floor to get warmer. There was little or no damage to our possessions as we caught it before there was extensive damage. However, it will take a month to fix the problem making the downstairs and kitchen unusable and therefore uninhabitable. We have had to store all of our property in a pod and live in a hotel.

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    Scott W Johnson
    Manager, Marindependent Insurance Services LLC, California
    Thanks for the question. Honestly no one will be able to answer this sort of question in an online forum.

    You will need to call your insurance agent or insurance company and file a claim to find out.

    Ask your insurance agent how much loss of use coverage that you have.
    Answered on May 12, 2017
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    Eddie Arriola
    President and Agent, Bow Tie Financial Group,
    You ask a really good, complex question. Unfortunately there isn't a simple answer, though you can get some information for future growth.

    Broken pipes and the damage caused from them are something that some, though not all carriers will fully cover. Some will cover one, some the other, and some both or neither. You'll need to speak with your agent and claims about that. Most agents are able to speak with claims about hypothetical situations so you have a better idea on whether it's worth filing before you do.

    The other main thing to look at is ensuring your loss of use coverage is adequate moving forward. Granted, loss of use applies only to covered claims, so you'd want to make sure you had the right endorsements for this kind of water damage (differs in each state). It would likely cover things like your storage unit, meals out because you couldn't cook at home, hotel and lodging, and even extra miles to and from work.
    Answered on May 16, 2017
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