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    Bill Sims
    Producer, Kendall & Associates Insurance Agency, Greenville, SC
    You can find numerous consumer surveys that rank homeowners insurance companies in a range of categories like price, customer service, claims service, financial stability, etc.  Find a few from sources you trust and see what they have to say.  Or....another option is go find a local insurance professional who has a long-standing relationship with one or more homeowners companies.  If that company and agent have been successfully insuring homes in your area for a number of years, that is a pretty good indicator of the quality of both the company and agent.
    Answered on January 7, 2014
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    Tim D'Angelo
    Owner, FM Agency Group, 1810 Barataria Blvd Marrero, La 70072
    Underwriting appetite will vary not only from state to state but from zip codes.  A strong well established company may be writing new policies in your state but may have stopped writing in a certain area.  I would find a well established independent insurance agent in your area and ask if they represent more than one homeowners insurance company.  Get a few quotes and ask a few simple questions.

    How long has the home insurance company been writing in the state?

    If new,  be aware of introductory rates to get new policies followed by incremental rate increases at renewal.

    Financial stability with the rating agencies?

    You can check AM Best and Demotech for financial stability rating.

    What is your experience with the company's claims process?

    This is important because a company may have a competitive price but are slow to pay out on claims.  

    If an agent represents more than one company,  he may be giving you the lowest premium but if you ask,  the agent may recommend another company with a little higher premium but better claims service.
    Answered on January 8, 2014
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