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    Fred Adams
    The HSA Expert, Health Revival, Athens, GA
    Since Medicare covers people over the age of 65, and those with certain disabilities that have received Social Security benefits for 25 months, it would be very rare for Medicare to cover a circumcision.  It would be possible, if someone with Medicare had a true medical need to be circumcisized later in the life, but very rare, as most circumcisions are done at birth.  

    Given the fact that 40% of births in American are covered by Medicaid, a better question may be "Does Medicaid cover circumcisions?" That varies by state, as 18 states currently do not cover this procedure, primarily due to the fact that it is most often elective, or not necessary.  

    the 18 states that don't cover circumcisions, along with the year they stopped:
    Colorado 2011
    South Carolina 2011
    Louisiana 2005
    Idaho 2005
    Minnesota 2005
    Maine 2004
    Montana 2003
    Utah 2003
    Florida 2003
    Missouri 2002
    Arizona 2002
    North Carolina 2002
    California before 1999
    North Dakota before 1999 
    Oregon before 1999
    Mississippi before 1999
    Nevada before 1999
    Washington before 1999
    Answered on May 15, 2014
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