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    Peggy MacePRO
    Most of the U.S.
    Medicare does not cover dental care in Colorado, as a rule. Only if the oral care is needed to treat another general health condition, or to prepare the mouth for treatments involved in treating another general health condition, is dental treatment covered by Medicare in Colorado or the other 49 states.
    Answered on September 13, 2013
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    Bill LougheadPRO
    President, SummitMedigap.com, CO, FL, GA, MI, NC, SC & TX
    Seniors in Colorado can get a dental plan in addition to a Medicare Supplement plan to cover dental related expenses.  Some plans even have dental, vision and hearing all in one plan.  A good plan would give immediate coverage for dental exams, cleanings, extractions and fillings.  Some plans do not have a network so you can go to any dentist you like.
    Answered on January 17, 2014
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