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    Medicare pays the hospice provider for your hospice care. There’s no deductible. You’ll pay: No more than $5 for each prescription drug and other similar products for pain relief and symptom control. 5% of the Medicare-approved amount for inpatient respite care. For example, if Medicare pays $100 per day for inpatient respite care, you’ll pay $5 per day. The amount you pay for respite care can change each year. 
    You can get Medicare hospice benefits when you meet all of these conditions: You're eligible for Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance). Your doctor and the hospice medical director certify that you're terminally ill and have 6 months or less to live if your illness runs its normal course. You sign a statement choosing hospice care instead of other Medicare-covered benefits to treat your terminal illness. (Medicare will still pay for covered benefits for any health problems that aren't related to your terminal illness.) You get care from a Medicare-approved hospice program.
    Answered on October 30, 2013
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