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    Everett Young
    Everett Young, CLU, Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania
    I'd suggest that the easiest way to find out if this is covered under Medicare is to ask your doctor's office. Usually, blood testing is covered under Medicare Part B, but this is a more specific test. Most blood testing isn't done "monthly." The doctor's office staff usually knows how to present the situation to Medicare so that tests are covered.
    Answered on June 24, 2015
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    Jason Goldenzweig
    Co-Founder, TermInsuranceBrokers.com, Goldenzweig Financial Group, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Medicare can cover INR testing once a month when certain conditions are met. Typically you'll need to consult with your doctor and have them determine if it is medically necessary and confirm with Medicare that the treatment course will be covered (would fall under Part B - your physician insurance for outpatient procedures).

    Here's a link to a publication from CMS (the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) that provides a detailed explanation regarding INR testing, what specific conditions must be met to have it covered, and how Medicare covers it:


    Please note, under Medicare Part B, only 80% of the expense would be covered by Medicare. If you have a Medicare Supplement plan, it may cover some or all of the other 20% (depending on the plan letter you have) of the service expenses.

    If you do not have a Medicare Supplement, please feel free to contact me to see about qualifying for one. Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, meaning the benefits are exactly the same regardless of which insurance carrier you have the coverage through (only the price is different!) Even if you already have a Medicare Supplement plan, I can take a quick look to see if a lower monthly premium is available (takes less than 5 minutes and I may be able to save you a ton of money on your monthly premium).

    I hope the information is helpful - please feel free to contact me with any other questions. Thanks very much.
    Answered on July 7, 2015
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