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    Medicare Supplement in Florida is affordable, but the specific rates depend on four factors:
    Where you live, your current age, male or female, and smoker or non-smoker. 
    The rates are standardized, and the ability to change from one Medicare Supplement to another requires that you are approved through health underwriting. When you are turning 65 and looking for a Medicare Supplement, you have an open enrollment opportunity, with no health underwriting considerations at all. 

    The most important thing to remember is that the plan that you picked when you turned 65 is not, necessarily, the plan you should stick with for the rest of your life. The rates go up with all companies and at different speeds. Your agent should be shopping the market for you at each and every anniversary of your policy. You should also pick an independent agent, as opposed to an agent that works for only one company.

    The difference in the premium offered by an agent that only works for AARP or Mutual of Omaha, vs. a broker that can bring any and all carriers, can be a difference of $100 per month or more. This is for the same, exact, standardized Medicare Supplement plan.

    All of the plans are the same - a Plan F with one carrier has the same benefits and providers that accept it, as the Plan F with the other companies. The only difference is the price. See your "Medicare & You" guidebook where it says this exact same thing.

    My agency has saved seniors over $1 million in premium since we've been in business. Typically, the savings are $600 per year when we are shopping a plan from where they were with their old carrier.

    Again, demand that your agent shop these plans for you every year. 
    Your doctor does not care what name is on the insurance card, or how much you paid in premiums. He or she is still going to give you great care. You should get the most insurance for the money, and with Medicare Supplement insurance in Florida, there is a great difference in the premiums for Medicare Supplement insurance.

    Answered on January 16, 2014
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    Bill Loughead
    President, SummitMedigap.com, CO, FL, GA, MI, NC, SC & TX
    Medicare Supplement Insurance in Florida is a fraction of the cost of what you would spend on medical bills over the course of your lifetime.  Considering that Medicare Part A & B only covers about 80% of the costs.  You are on the hook for the other 20% unless you have a Medicare Supplement.  In Florida, the premiums can vary widely from North Florida to South Florida.

    An independent agent that specializes in Medicare Supplement Insurance will be able to show you everything that is available to you and help match the plan that fits your specific needs.

    Visit our website at SummitMedigap.com to compare Florida Medicare Supplement plans instantly online.  We are also happy to help answer any questions you have at 1-888-407-8664.
    Answered on January 17, 2014
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