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    Ted Ratliff
    Owner, SFS Associates,
    Medicare Advantage Plans are more feature rich than original Medicare. First, there is no out of pocket maximum under original Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans have a Maximum out of pocket, usually between $3500 and $7000, depending on the plan you choose. You also have copay's which help you plan out your health care expenses. Original Medicare pays 80% of the approved part B charges. Most Medicare Advantage Plans have Part D built into them, so you do not have to pay for a Prescription Drug Plan. Medicare Advantage Plan also provides extra benefits not covered by Medicare. The premium for a Medicare Advantage Plan can vary but there are still some $0 premium plans available that offer a great value.
    Answered on April 9, 2013
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    Larry GilmorePRO
    Agent Owner, Gilmore Insurance Services, Marysville, Washington State
    I don't think is a matter of "need" for a medicare advantage plan, but a matter of choice. Would a Medicare Advantage plan be a better choice compared to a supplement or going with just basic medicare? It is wise to compare these options and how they will effect you.

    As Ted has noted, there are some advantages to Medicare Advantage plans that make them very attractive as a choice to a consumer. So, it might be better to consider a simple basic difference between Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage, Medicare "rights". When you purchase a Medicare Advantage you are assigning your Medicare rights to that organization and commit to service (outside of emergency) to that organization as they become your Medicare provider. A Medicare Supplement does not restrict the insured to any one location or provider. For some people, this is a very important issue and could be the deciding factor.
    Answered on April 9, 2013
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